Each century had a standard bearer called a Signifer, who carried a standard called the Signum. The standard was made of silvered discs and symbols. Each standard within the Legion was different so that the men of the centuries would know their own, would follow it and defend it to the death. In battle it would act as a rallying point for the century. The Signifer was of equal rank to the Optio and wore an animal skin over his helmet as a mark of his status.  The Legions seem to have used bear or wolf skins, the skins of large cats appeared to be reserved for the Emperors bodyguard in Rome. The Signifer wore a suit of scale armour (Lorica Squamata) or mail and for defence had a sword and a round shield. In battle he would be stationed in the middle of the century. He had many administrative duties including looking after the pension savings of the men in his century


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