26 members turned out for our first full display of the season. After loading on Saturday,the 3rd June, we traveled to Bath early on Sunday morning.  Our large tent had been erected the weekend before and we used these for changing. Displays were given at 12pm and 3pm.Decent size crowds turned out. The organiser kindly provided food and drinks during what was a very hot day and Ken Turio treated everyone to ice cream late in the afternoon.


KITEBROOK SCHOOL. Moreton in the Marsh


11 members turned out at this prep school on Friday for a Roman Day.




This event went well although the weather was very hot. Fortunately no one had to drop out because of the heat.









At the end of July we returned after a long absence to Lower Castle Park in Colchester to take part in the Roman Festival 2023, along with Britannia who provided gladiator displays and Colchester Roman Circus Trust.


There was also a Roman author event from where Lindsey Davis (author of the Falco series) came to say hello.


We gave our usual displays which were very well received and seemed to come together well right from the start. A parade through the retail stalls and salute to the beer tent on the march back to camp was much appreciated.


All told a good weekend at this new (for us) event which was well –received with the organisers hoping for a return and several Guard members judging it to be the best job of the season so far.





Corinium Museum 11th/12th August


A small turnout provided children's activities at this prestigious museum. Demonstrations of armour, equipment and battle tactics were given, followed by children's marching drill. The men quickly experienced the hazards of hobnails on smooth tiles but fortunately without accident!


Visitors were most appreciative and the museum had twice the usual number of visitors on the Saturday. A successful weekend enjoyed by those who took part.






This metal detecting event was a new venue for us. About 1200 detectorists attended.



Blaise Castle House


16 members turned out for this event near Bristol. The weather was on the miserable side with either light rain or mist all day. In spite of this some 1500 enthusiastic members of the public turned out. Two other reenactment groups took part - Vikings and  a Medieval group. Several Archaeological Organisations both professional and amateur also had display tents.


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