Centurio's Report



The Guard was very sorry to learn that Optio Martin White has decided, after 36 years, to hang up his boots and resign from the Society. Martin was leader of the First Contubernium for 8 years and  Optio for the last 28. The Group will be forever indebted to the enormous amount of work Martin put into The Guard and the superb equipment he made for the Society particularly swords , daggers and their scabbards.

Martin was also a great friend to many members particularly myself and will be greatly missed. As he has said in his resignation letter Membership allowed him to visit  places, see things and meet people that he would otherwise have not. He also said it has been a privilege to have been a member of The Ermine Street Guard. Martin will be sorely missed by not only Guard members but many others in the Roman Re-enactment and museum world.



In the days leading up to this event, in the Caerleon Amphitheatre, many places, including South Wales experienced heavy downpours and persistent rain. However by Friday a dry spell spread over the area and continued over weekend.

As usual two diplays were given each day and included three horses provided by Nigel Amos. An anti-cavalry tactic was included in the display and by day two this was working well.

Other activities at the Amphitheatre included Roman Trader, Steve Wagstaff, a Roman Doctor. Painting and the group Vicus.

On Saturday evening Guard members gathered in the Old Bull Pub to enjoy a round of drinks provided by Martin White who had decided to resign. The Group then join a Bar-b-Que held in the Legionary Museum gardens.

Some 1500 members of the public attended the event



26 April 2018


Bath - Sunday April 22nd


The job at Bath was a success with over 3500 people attending the display at the Royal Crescent. The event was made more enjoyable for members with overnight accommodation at the Scout Hut and a tour of the Roman Baths on the Saturday afternoon. It was quite unusual to be drinking a pint at 3pm on Saturday afternoon!


Sunday proved to be more hectic but we pulled it off.


 Richard Morris turned up after a period of 18 years and joined in the displays.


A big bonus was the parking provided at both the Scout Hut and the Royal Crescent and the fact that we were able to change at No 1 Royal Crescent.


We were also extremely fortunate with the weather, given that Bath was subjected to a spectacular thunderstorm on Saturday evening!


All in all, a good start to our season.




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