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About the Ermine Street Guard

The Ermine Street Guard is a society dedicated to research into the Roman Army and the reconstruction of Roman armour and equipment. The reconstructions are primarily from the latter half of the first century A.D. although equipment from other Roman periods is reproduced for experimental and display purposes. Since its formation in 1972 the Guard has become firmly established as the leading society making such a detailed and accurate study of this subject

Each piece of equipment is made as authentically as is practicable and is based on recent research, notably that of the late H. Russell Robinson of the Tower of London Armoury, who will be remembered for his invaluable work on Roman armour and who gave the society much help and encouragement. Everything is made by Guard members to high standards of workmanship and accuracy and the equipment is continually being added to and, where necessary, improved as new information and finds become available.

The Society has been a registered charity since 1988 and is financed through public displays, educational visits and donations.

Public displays are given at major Roman sites throughout Great Britain and Europe. The display, includes aspects of the Roman soldier's training and the firing of artillery pieces. At selected venues the Guard is also joined by two fully equipped Roman cavalrymen. A static display provides information on various aspects of the Roman army and gives the opportunity to examine the armour and equipment at close quarters. In 1993, in consultation with archeological experts the Guard made the first ever accurate, hand stitched reconstruction of an eight man goat skin tent. Guard members are only too willing to talk to members of the public and answer their many questions.

Over the years the Guard has displayed at many well known Roman sites and museums in Britain and Europe. The Society has also taken part in many film and television documentaries, particularly for educational purposes. Assistance is given to Roman studies in schools, universities and other educational establishments, with visits by Guard members or the loan of armour and equipment

To anyone interested in reconstructive archeology the Guard offers a unique and absorbing opportunity to relive the life of a Roman soldier in a critical period in the development of our way of life.

The Ermine Street Guard in always pleased to welcome new members who share an interest in the aims of the society. Full members are supplied with armour at no cost to themselves and are encouraged to assist in the production of Guard equipment. Associate membership is available to those who are unable to play an active role but wish to support the work of the Society.